Mr. Donnelly is both a registered architect and registered professional engineer. He is a professor of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis where he holds the Rebecca and John Voyles Chair in Architecture. He is also a principal in his own architectural practice, Paul J. Donnelly Architects, AIA, PE, in Boston, MA and St. Louis, MO. He received a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from Northeastern University, a Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Boston Architectural Center. He was also a graduate student and research assistant in structural engineering at McGill University. He has almost twenty years of private practice experience in his own architectural and engineering firms. He was a visiting scholar and visiting associate professor at MIT and a professor of architecture at Roger Williams University where he taught for ten years. He has received awards from the ACSA and the AIA for innovation in architectural teaching and technology integration. His work has been published and exhibited in the U.S., Europe and Japan. His teaching and design projects have been published in the Architectural Record, Architecture, AIArchitect, Competitions, Progressive Architecture, Der Architekt BDA, Archtektur + Wettbewerbe, Shinkenchiku (The Japan Architect - Japanese Edition)and Building Research and Information, London, England. He and Associate Professor Andrew Scott from MIT were awarded a First Prize Citation in the Building Integrated Photovoltaics Competition sponsored by the AIA Research Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. In 1996 this project also received a Design Citation Award in the Unbuilt Boston Competition. The design was exhibited at the AIA Convention, the DOE Showcase of Energy Efficient and Renewable Technologies, Atlanta, GA, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Build Boston and the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York.

Research Activities:

Membrane Technology
Air Structures
CAD CAM Applications
Technology Transfer
Enclosures and Environments
Technology Integration