As part of your educational experience at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, you will need to be able to print out materials for course work. For your convenience, we are providing instructions to make accessing the School’s wireless network and printing facilities hassle free.

The Sam Fox School uses the PaperCut program to coordinate printing. Students can log in to the PaperCut program using their WUSTL Key ID. In order to print, you must put funds into your PaperCut account with a credit card. Please see the “Cost of Printing” section below for more information.

Please note: The Sam Fox School’s PaperCut program is independent of the Danforth Campus’ PaperCut system. This means funds placed into your Sam Fox School PaperCut account cannot be used for the Danforth Campus’ printing system. It is also important to keep in mind that while unused funds carry over from year to year, you will not receive a refund at the end of your WUSTL career. However, you may “sell” or “gift” your funds to others. Please visit the Transfers section of the PaperCut website for details.


Wireless Network:
If you are using your own computer, you will need to connect to the wireless network before you can print. Please use the appropriate instructions for your Mac or PC computer system to connect to the wireless network. If you have a desktop computer in the studio, please connect via the Ethernet via the locations provided.

After you connect to the wireless network, please follow the instructions for your computer system to install both the printer drivers and PaperCut. Please note: Disregard references to the “Courses Drive” in the instructions; all files are provided in the links below.

How to install printer drivers and PaperCut
Additional files referenced in instructions (Select "Safe File," dowload to your desktop and unzip the file to open the folder.)

How to install printer drivers and PaperCut
Additional files referenced in instructions (Select "Safe File," dowload to your desktop and unzip the file to open the folder.)

Once you have installed PaperCut and the printer drivers, you can use printers located throughout the School:

Givens Hall, each floor
Steinberg Hall, second floor
Walker Hall, basement
Bixby Lab
Whitaker Lab
Forsyth House

In addition, there are printers located in various program areas, such as Painting and Sculpture. Please reference the printer name on the wall next to the printer so you know which one to select from the print settings. In addition, you can find printer locations by typing in building names. Keep in mind, naming conventions may vary from building to building.

Cost of printing
Basic printing on letter and tabloid paper in black and white or color is available at a minimal fee. Printing on the plotters costs more depending on the paper and plotter type. Please see the Rates section of the PaperCut website or the signs posted at each printer and in the labs for detailed pricing information.

How to print from the labs
You can take your files to any of the School’s labs (Whitaker, Steinberg, Bixby, and Lewis Center) to print from the various machines. Please ask for help from the lab monitors if you are not familiar with the computers, or with printing in general. Instructions are posted on the walls of various locations, as well as best practices for different types of printing projects. When you are ready to print, you will be prompted to log in to PaperCut.

If you have questions, please contact us by opening a HelpDesk ticket, and an IT associate will schedule a time to assist you.