Printing: Steinberg 006


The following instructions are specific to classes that use the Steinberg 006 printer. All students have a PaperCut account. In some classes will you pay as you go and others may have funds from lab fees placed on your PaperCut account. Please check with your instructors.

Once you have installed PaperCut from this overview section please proceed with the following instructions:

Download the following folder to your desktop.
Unzip and double click the file "cdeselect.command" in the folder.

The file will open a Terminal window and come to a point asking for your password. Enter your computer password*.

*As you type, you wont see any text appear. So, it is very important that you carefully type your computer password correctly.

When the line "[Process completed]" text appears the script is finished running. You may close the window.

Go to System Preferences/Printers & Scanners and check to see that a printer named CDESELECT is listed.

You may have to refresh the view to see the printer.

The printer should now be added and you can now print to it through WiFi (Make sure you are using wustl-encripted-2.0)

Reasons this process might fail:
1. You haven't run Software Update to have all of the Printer Drivers installed
2. You didn't copy the file to run to your desktop
3. You didn't type your password correctly
4. The account you are logged in as does not have administrative privileges
If any of these conditions for failure exist, correct for them and rerun the process.

If these do not work please open up a HelpDesk ticket and an IT associate will schedule a time to assist you.