Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Communication Design
Senior Seminar Projects 2014
Westchester, New York: A County of Great Contrasts
Alyssa Celentano
A website that explores the economic disparity that exists in Westchester County, New York.
The Art of Donkey Cabbages
Emily Fajardo
A visual development exploration for a hypothetical animated film. The story of a boy and a girl who made asses of themselves.
Snow White (The Real Story)
Kara Gordon
Three versions, one book. The story you know and the story you don't.
Esther Hamburger
A tale of two sisters, and their metamorphoses.
Design Thinking
Sarah Healy
An explanation of the past success and potential impact of design thinking on society's issues.
For Tibet
Kathleen Huang
An interactive site on the personal and political struggles between the Tibetan and Chinese people, both past and present.
Well Fed Child
Tiffany Kim
A parent's healthy eating guide for children.
Not In My Backyard
Elizabeth Korb
An interactive website investigating the intentional targeting of impoverished and minority communities to house America's waste facilities, as well as the inspiring stories of these communities' successful grassroots social change efforts as a part of the Environmental Justice Movement.
Serious Inquiries Only
Chloe Kramer
An Illustrated anthology of requests made on Craigslist.
Femme Fatale
Sofia Kraushaar
A collection of patterns based on the lives of history's most notorious women.
Point of No Return
Shelby Lindblad
Commercialized Climbing and the Fall of Mount Everest.
Lizzie Luckman
An informational and interactive website aimed to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers of mainstream elementary school students with chronic illnesses.
An Illustrated Guide to the Golden Apple Diner
Delaney Lundquist
A visual interpretation of This American Life's 172nd radio episode.
The Age of Asparagus
Alix Marson
A visual compilation of misheard song lyrics.
End the Cuban Embargo
Ariana Montanez
A website that encourages people to lobby for an end to the Cuban embargo.
The Shochet
Michelle Nahmad
A coming of age story, with blood and chickens.
Holding Up Half the Sky
Karly Nelson
China's influence on American Feminism.
Amy Novak
Evolve is a magazine that celebrates the innovations and progress in fashion sustainability.
Julie Park
Children can count from one to eleven as they read about the different animals.
Daniel Raggs
A comic book based on Into the Woods by James Lapine. It tells the story of a handful of fairy tale characters as they cross paths with one another trying to fulfill each of their own wishes. Spot any of your fairy tale favorites?
Black Lantern
Emilio Ramos
The story of the introduction of one of the first major black comic book superheroes.
Chloe Reibold
A four book compilation about human environmental destruction.
Same Sky
Alana Rosenberg
Supporting a new life for victims of the Rwandan Genocide.
Seeing Sound
Blake Rutledge
We experience sound and music every day—but do we stop and consider what these phenomena are physically and psychologically? Learn how our human brains are so sensitive to sound and music. See sound in a new light with cymatics.
Modern Library
Julie Safferstein
How our public library system is accepting its changing role and adapting in response to the digital age.
Discover the Natural Beauty of America
Sam Schauer
A journey through the Missouri Ozarks.
Becca Shuman
Debunking myths of the vicious Pit bull.
Get It Straight: A Guide For Allies
Allison Siegel
A guide for allies of the LGBT+ community.
Botherations of the Modern Black Woman
Evonne Smith
A zine illustrating everyday instances of oppression.
Redistricting Matters
Zach Thomas
An educational guide on redistricting practices in the United States.
Social Media Overload
Alexis Turim
An interactive website that outlines social media's negative side effects and provides general guidelines on how to lead a healthy digital lifestyle.
What's Hiding in the Rainforest?
Nicole Yen
An interactive seek & find book about rainforest animal and insect camouflage.
The Mitten
Lynn Soin Yoon
A retelling of "The Mitten," a Ukrainian folktale.
Dear Feminism,
Crystal Yun
A letter of alignment with the new F word from young modern women to future feminists about feminism today, based on feminisms of the past.