Lisa Bulawsky

Blindspot Galleries



Blindspot Galleries was a public, mobile gallery that I established in 2002 and operated until 2005. During that time, my white Ford minivan was host to nine art exhibits by various artists using print technology and magnetic vinyl.

Temporary art pieces began as magnetic collections stuck to Blindspot's artistic hub, a white Ford minivan. As the car traveled, the work was dispersed through visual exposure and the transient quality of the magnets. Though it was never overtly publicized, the work was not bound to Blindspot. Free for the taking, the interaction between creator and collector facilitated the plural nature of "Blindspot Galleries."




I Give Up: The Comics of Ted May, Ted May
Please Steal This Magnet, Katy Scoggin
Shock and Awe, a xerographic exchange portfolio
What Did You Say?!, Gina Alvarez
Falls the Shadow, Rachel Mason
The Country Squire, Brandon Anschultz
Domestic Duel, Roxanne Phillips
In the Denmark of the Soul, Francisco de Goya, Ida Applebroog, and Lisa Bulawsky

Country Squire, Brandon Anschultz


I Give Up: The Comics of Ted May, Ted May in collaboration
with Blindspot Galleries

2005 Best Public Art (Temporary)
The Riverfront Times

Shock and Awe and ?, xerographic portfolio including
over 20 artists' work