Instructor – Lisa Bulawsky
March 14 – April 20, 2005
Washington University Study Abroad
Florence, Italy


HYPER STUDIO: Non-Sequential and Interactive Structures

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“Hypertext is like a journey, a metaphorical exploration that can reflect ambiguities and discontinuities of place, space, movement, and time.”   Janice Hitchcock

This course will use the thought process and metaphor of hypermedia to explore, represent, and synthesize the experience of living abroad in Florence, Italy. The non-linear and interactive structure of a web site will provide each student with his or her main means of expression for this experience.

Preliminary projects will involve traditional media such as drawing, painting, and photography. We will complete exercises in automatism, visual free association, listing, and collecting as a way of understanding and organizing visual information that does not adhere to a linear structure, but instead relies upon intuitive and interactive direction. These experiences will lead to the final project – a web site created by each student that integrates a variety of media and content. Websites will be hosted on the Washington University artsci server and will be live after the second week of class.

This is not a software skill acquisition course. Though we will learn and use Dreamweaver to create web pages, the emphasis of the course is on developing a visual statement using hypertext as a metaphor for experience.

Dreamweaver MX is installed on the computers at the studio in Florence. Students who bring their own computers can purchase the software (an educational version is available for students for around $95) or download a free 30-day trial version for use during the class. Do not download the trial version until after March 21, 2005. Students will also need traditional art supplies such as paper, glue, pencils, paint, etc.

There is no pre-requisite for the course, but a basic level of digital literacy is expected. Short tutorials on scanning, digital image manipulation, and digital video applications will be given in addition to Dreamweaver and file uploading tutorials.