Instructor – Lisa Bulawsky
March 14 – April 20, 2005
Washington University Study Abroad
Florence, Italy

LInks for course

HYPER STUDIO: Non-Sequential and Interactive Structures

Course Schedule


 Week 1

Monday, March 14

Course introduction

Individual meetings

Assignment #1 Non Virutal, Non Linear Storyboard due March 28

Wednesday, March 16

Individual meetings


Optional on site excercises in brain storming

Reading: "Mulitmedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality"


 Week 2

Monday, March 21

3 mindmaps due

Introduction to HTML
In class work time (Assignment 1)




Wednesday, March 23

Introduction to Dreamweaver MX

Reading: Tutorials in Help section: Using Dreamweaver:

(search for these topics specifically in the “Ask a Question” box, then follow the pages of instruction for each, specifically)

"Set up a local site"
"Viewing and editing head content"
"Exploring the workspace"


Week 3

Monday, March 28

CRIT - Assignment #1

Assignment #2 – Develop homepage due April 4

Reading: visit "example" sites on Links page

Wednesday, March 30

Working with images


Week 4

Monday, April 4

Homepages due - Review


Wednesday, April 6

Uploading site
Submitting site to search engines

 Week 5

Monday, April 11


Wednesday, April 13


 Week 6

Monday, April 18

Wednesday, April 20

Last day of class