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Hyperstudio is a course taught in the study-abroad semester in Florence, Italy for sophomore students of the School of Art at Washington University. This 6 week course, taught by Professor Lisa Bulawsky in the spring of 2005, focuses on non-linear structures, with an individual website being the main project for each student.


Links to student sites by name  



Nic Albonico  
Leah Battin  
Lauren Bordes  
Steven Brien  
Kat Casale  
Joy Chirstensen  
Catherine Cieslewicz  
Mike Costelloe  
Louisa Diliberti  
Lee Domingue  
Hannah Dumes  
Amanda Harper  
Amanda Hasten  
Nathan Heigert  
Emily Kleinman  
Kiyoto Koseki  
David Lucido  
Melissa Martin  
Allison Miller  
Carley Mostar  
Amy Olert  
Morgan Schweitzer  

Shelby Scudder

Kacie Smith  
Trina Van Ryn  
Jordana Warmflash