Post Katrina New Orleans 2005-2007

A Matter of Faith

This year long project is a study of churches in New Orleans 9th ward. These churches were the moral backbone of a tough and troubled neighborhood, and with Katrina, all were damaged in some form or another. Church culture was part of the fabric of the society, and my portfolio hopes to track the rebuilding of that very important part of life in the 9th ward. This is a list of the churches I've been photographing since November 2005

Little Zion Baptist church at 2620 Flood Street; Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, 2428 Flood Street; Battleground Baptist Church, 2241 Flood Street; Morning Star Baptist Church, 1841 Flood Street; Unknown church at 1842 Flood Street; Mt. Nebo Bible Baptist Church, 1720 Flood Street; Hartzell United Methodest Church, 2014 Cafin Street; Congregational Baptist Church, 2340 Cafin Street; Church of God, 1715 Cafin Street; New Manger Spirituatist Temple, Chafin Street; Bethel AME, 1437 Chafin Street; Christian Community Baptist Church, 1715 Egania Street; Free Mission Baptist church at 1821 Egania Street; Greater Beulah land Baptist Church, 2436 St. Maurice Street; Greater Beulah land Baptist Church, 1435 Andry Street; Fairview Missionary Baptist Church, 2000 Andry Street; Greater Harvest Baptist Church, 2339 Roffignac Street; Silver Creek B.C., 2334 Tupelo Street; Holy Family Spiritualist Church, 2210 LaManche Street; Old Pathways Baptist Church, 1910 Albo Street; Temple of Truth Missionary Ministries, 2029 Albo Street; Central Missionary Baptist Church 1438 Albo Street; Greater New Jeruselum B.B., 2002 Albo Street (Johnson and Albo), Second Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist church at 1739 Gordon street; New Testament B.C. 1819 Gordon; New St. Mathews B.C. 2041 Gordon Street; New Testament B.C. 1825 Gordon Street; Vineyard B.C. 2400 Piety Street; Vineyard Missionary B.C. 2401 Piety street; Divine Grace Temple at 1447 Benton street; Charbonette Street Church of God in Christ, 2228 Charbonette; Greater Progressive B.C. 2300 Charbonette, Church of the Believing God,Mt. Carmel Missionary B.C., St. Luke B.C.,Greater St. Rose B.C.

Hartzell Methodist 2005 (D3X0462)

Greater St. Rose Church 12/2005 (D3X0410)

untitled 2005 (D3X0890)

untitled 2005 (D3X0894)

untitled 2005 (D3X0871)

Temple of Truth M. B.C. 2005 (D3X2182)

untitled (D3X2266)

Greater Jerusalem B.C. (D4X1511)

Mt. Nebo B.C. 2005 (D4X0561)

The Rebuilding Begins

Christian Community B.C. 2006 (D4X0412)

Second Rose of Sharon 2006 (D4X0599)

untitled 2006 (D4X1818)

Central Missionary Baptist Church 2006 (D4X0584)

Holy Family Spititualist Church, LaManche St. 2006 (D4X1675)

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