Post Katrina New Orleans

I've been photographing New Orleans since my first trip there in 1984. Since then, I've photographed 23 Mardi Gras's, spent a sabbatical there in 1996 and again in 2010 living in a studio apartment in the French Quarter, and visited every chance I could. My early work revolved around the buildings, the cemeteries, and the unique culture of the city. Next to Florence, it was my favorite place to visit and I thought of it as my home away from home.

The events of September 2005 changed all of that. The city I loved was changed forever by hurricane Katrina. As soon as it happened, I knew I had to go and somehow, make photographs to help understand what had happened. My first trip was September 29, 2005, you still needed a pass to enter the city, the water was unsafe, no one had gas service, few had electricity and the city was a ghost town. I decided then, that I would extend this to a one year project and that I would go to New Orleans roughly once a month for a year and photograph what had become of my beloved New Orleans. I ended up working on this project that turned into 5 separate portfolios over 5 years. This is not intended to be comprehensive documentary, only one artists response to a once in a lifetime event.

September/October 2005

Lake Front 2005 (D2X5853)

Lake Front 2005 (D2X5666)

I-10 and Elysian Fields 2005 (D2X5755)

Truck Stop, Elysian Fields 2005 (D2X5761)

site of Sidmar's 2005 (D2X6136)

New Orleans East 2005 (D2X5855)

9th ward 2005 (D2X5897)

along the Chef Mentur Highway 2006 (D2X5921)

9th ward 2006 (D2X5787)

City Park

City Park 2005 (D2X6051)

City Park 2005 (D2X6059)

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Special thanks to Dean Jeff Pike of the college of art for his support of this project and the understanding of my students while in New Orleans photographing.

Copyright 2006. Use of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly forbidden.

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