Post Katrina New Orleans November 2005

The November trip presented new photographic possibilities. The city was "de-watered" for the most part and parts of New Orleans East and the 9th ward were open to the public and if you were carefull, you could even get into the lower 9th war. This was the first trip that I was able to be into all the areas around the levee breaches. The city was still a mess and the National Guard was everywhere. Note to all young photographers of diaster zones, if you have a choice, it was better to get caught by the National Guard than the NOPD if photographing in a prohibited area.

Lower 9th ward 2005

off Jourdan Ave. 2005

Kitchen table 2005

Barge-Jourdan Ave. 2005

Fats Domino's house

Trash pile 2005

flooded cars 2005

crushed car 2005


scrap book



unitled 2005

City Park

City Park 2005

City Park 2005

London Ave Canal Breach

London Ave Canal Breach 2005

River Sand 2005

17 th Street Canal Breach

17 th Street Canal Breach 2005


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