Post Katrina New Orleans December 2005

The city was wide open by the time I returned in December, most of the National Guard were gone, but the city was still missing its most important parts-its population. I spent most of my time this trip in the hard hit lower 9th ward, and New Orleans East.

Lower 9th ward 2005

untitled 2005 (D2X0339)

untitled 2005 (D3X0481)

untitled. 2005


Grocery Store

Churches; lower 9th ward

2005 (D3X0462)

2005 (D3X0410)



Found Artifacts, lower 9th ward

photo album 2005 (D3X0372)

Bronze baby shoes 2005 (D3X0611)

FEMA trailer, Lakeview 2005

FEMA trailer, Gentilly 2005

FEMA trailer concentration camp, St. Roch's 2005

FEMA concentration camp, St. Roch's

9th ward

untitled 2005 (D3X1271)

untitled 2005 (D3X1282)

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