New Orleans Public Schools-Another Post Katrina Death

Alfred Lawless High School-Lower 9th ward (currently under demolition 6/08)

hallway 2006 (D3X6961)

Gym 2006 (D3X6942)

cafeteria 2006 (D3X6938)

trophy case, main office 2006 (D3X3684)

Globe 2007

D3X6954 2006

Auditorium 2006 (D4X4310)

G. W. Carver High School- 9th ward

Band Room 2006 (D4X4508)

untitled 2006 (D4X4517)

mural 2006 (D4X4502)

Library 2006 (D4X4522)

Johnson Lockett Elementary School 9th ward

Projection Screen-Classroom 2006 (D4X4413)

classroom 2006 (D4X4409)

Humpty Dumpty 2006 (D4X2072)

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This link to a story written by Steve Ritea in the New Orleans Times-Pycayune said it better than I every could about the situation on New Orleans with its public school.

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