Welcome to my Italy 2007 Blog!

This year I thought I would do something a little different and upload a daily report on my trip to Italy and my Florence 2007 photo workshop.

May 30, 2007-International Travel Adventures The trip from Saint Louis to Florence went well enough, but this is the last time I fly Alitalia for a while. The aircraft was in poor condition, my seat torn and the service awful. In the past the food was pretty good, this trip, you could hardly eat any of it. The good news was all my baggage arrived in good condition in Florence.

May 31, 2007-Florence at last! Florence as I remember it, sunshine and lots of traffic, the good news was the cab ride from the airport seemed a little cheaper than in the past 20 Euros to the WU workshop, I remember it being 30+ in the past, this will however, be the only time I remarked something was cheaper than I remember. Move into my apartment, its a big place and totally equipted by IKEA of Florence and with little else. It has a very odd two bathroom arrangement with one of the bathrooms outside, off the back terrace/deck, like and outhouse with plumbing and a washing machine. The good news, my bedroom is not on the street and is reasonably quiet.

My first Florence image

June 1, 2007: Weather is much cooler and a lot more rain than usual, its a welcome relief. Its also nice to have a few days before the students arrive and I have to start teaching to do the usual shopping and getting the partment in order. The apartment was pretty much stripped clean, not even salt in the kitchen. Thankfully, a new mini super market just a few doors down from my apartment that seems to have a little of everything.

Duomo, Florence

June 2, 2007: Amoung other things, a trip to Santa Croce to see whats up with one of my favorite churches and of course, a trip to the leather school and a new wallet.

Santa Croce parking lot, Florence

June 3, 2007: Classes started today with an intro and a trip to the Belltower, thunderstorms all around us, and very windy, but everyone with the right attitude.

First Night Photos, Florence

June 4, 2007Florence, Central Market tour with students, slide lecture after lunch, afternoon off for the students. Student dinner party tonight at my apartment, "do I really have 10 sets of silver ware and plates?"

Shop window, Florence

June 5, 2007: Casine market day and we're off to do some people photography, I found the construction in the garden more interesting.

Casine, Florence

June 6, 2007

Bobli Garden, Florence

June 7, 2007 Siena:

Duomo, Siena

June 8, 2007: No classes today, so I have the day to sleep in and spend the afternoon wandering about town.


June 9, 2007: Wine tour, road trip with Susan Moore's class to the Chianti region, three towns and lunch at a castle.

Concrete Beach, Florence

June 10, 2007:Rosemary Arrives Today! House cleaning and laundry day. Rosemary makes it, but her luggage did not.


June 11, 2007: Night Patrol. After a full day of shooting, out on the the streets for more night work, still not a clear vision on how to build on last trips portfolio.

near San Lorenzo, Florence

June 12, 2007: Lucca day trip with students, meet Elana at the station for a whirlwind tour, susan brought her students along and its a different story moving 19 studets thru town as opposed to my 8.


June 13, 2007: Piaz. Micheangelo and to our surprise, its Italian MTV Total Request Live from the parking lot. Lots of Italian Teeny Boppers around. Trip up the hill to San Miniato and the Florence cemetary.


June 14, 2007, Venice This is my fifth Venice Biennale and by now I hope that I have figured it all out.


June 15, 2007 Venice Day Two:

Polish Exhibit, Arsenale, Venice

June 16, 2007 Rosemary's birthday! No art today, just wander about the city and try to avoid the maddening crush of people in the streets, lots of people.

Red head on Vaparetto, Venice

June 17, 2007: Florence.