Body, Soul and Science: New Digital Collage Work

This work is latest addtion to the work begun in 2000 at the old City Hospital in St. Louis. The work began as in camera collage work using a 4x5 camera and over time I realized I needed the control of working in Photoshop with scanned images/text and digital files. The portfolio at this point has over 80 images in it and I have limited this page to speed loading. This work was all done digitally, using scanned documents (actual medical records abandoned by the City from 1930-1945) found at City Hospital and figure works shot with a Nikon D2x digital camera.

"untitled #115 2006"

"untitled #114 2006"

"untitled #112 2006"

"untitled #079" 2005

"untitled #080" 2005

"untitled #084" 2004

"untitled #63" 2004

"Untitled #86" 2005

"Untitled #73" 2005

"untitled #85" 2005

"Untitled #72" 2005

"For Harry #90" 2005

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