Graceland and Elvis

Notice to all viewers, I was contacted by Architectual Digest who wanted to use this photo of the Jungle room that I took in 1998. I took this photo while on one of the many tours I've taken at Graceland (like 20 over the years!). The Graceland estates refused to allow the magazine to use the photograph and I did not have a property release for it. Come on EP Enterprise! Get over yourself, this is nothing more than squeezing every possible $ out of one of Americas great icons. Elvis was screwed all his life by the money interests; Col Parker, the record companies, take your pick, and now in dealth it continues with his fans. Its a sad commentary on America. This work continues to this day.

Jungle Room, Graceland 1997

New Black and White Images From Graceland

Living Room, Graceland 1998

TV Room, Graceland 1998

Poolside, Graceland 1998