Florence photography-student work 2003

W.U. Photography Program in Florence
Summer 2003

group photo, 2003

Student Gallery

Brian Alward, 2003

Kim Davidson, 2003

Sarah Hewitt, 2003

Emily Hollinger, 2003

Anthony Kania, 2003

Jessica Lin, 2003

Daniel Marcus, 2003

untitled, 2003

Todd Owyoung, 2003

Mariana Pickering, 2003

Alison Pflum, 2003

Katie McKenzie, 2003

Amy Shearer, 2003

Tess Sparkman, 2003

Dan Rashid, 2003

Song Hong (our TA), 2003

Special thanks to Jim Morton at Hasselblad USA with his help getting us "Uncle Victors Special Toys" and to Wendy at Ilford for their gift of film.

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