Nudes From Fall & Winter 2000

City Hospital-St.Louis, Missouri

This work was photographed in the Old City Hospital here in St. Louis. It has been abandoned for over 20 years. I work with both a medium format Hasselblad 903SWC and a 4X5 view camera to make in camera double exposures.

from new series City Hospital Nudes-St. louis

from new series City Hospital Nudes-St.Louis

Catherine-City Hospital

Tyson Studio Nudes

Taken at the Photography areas 4,000 sq. ft. photo studios at the Tyson Research Station, a 2,000 acre facility 30 miles outside St.Louis.

Judy & Bert-Tyson

Judy & Bert-Tyson

Atlanta, Ga.

Hotel Room, Atlanta, Ga.

Cinncinatti, Ohio

Hotel Room, Cinncinatti, Ohio

created 10/22/00 sjstremb