Walker's home page

Yes, I know this is terribly indulgent of me, but I am so excited about my new dog. Bixby is getting a little old these days, 11 years old now, and for a big dog, well, thats old age. As a dog person, I am totally into the concept of the "Bridge Dog", that dog that links you from your old dog, to your new one, in the event something happens to them.

Walker is a German Shepherd, her parents Romeo (the mostly black one) and Scarlet (see image of them at bottom of page), had their litter on January 22, 2004 and she is one of two females and 7 males from the litter. I picked her out on 2/14/04 and took her home on April 3, 2004.

Walker on 2/14/04

Walker on 2/28/04

Walker and Stan on 2/28/04

Walker 3/13/04

Walker 4/4/04

Walker and Bixby 4/4/04

Walker 4/24/04

Walker Swimming 6/8/04

Walker in woods, Dillard Mill, Mo. 6/29/04

Walker 12/30/2004

Walker at 1 year

Walker July 2005

Walker April 2006

Walker and Stan April 2006

Walker & Stan Jamestown, R.I. 7/2006

Walker & Stan at the beach, R.I. 7/2006

Walker in Jackson Square, NOLA 1/2010

Walker's Mom and Dad 2004